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Sarah Hammond

Sarah completed her basic training as a massage therapist at National Holistic Institute in 2004.  Subsequently, she specialized in the Hendrickson Method of Orthopedic Massage and Manual Therapy, and completed a 4-year teacher training program in 2000.  She has worked as a massage therapist in Dr. Tom Hendrickson’s chiropractic clinic in Kensington, CA and continues to take advanced classes with Dr. Hendrickson.  She was a senior teacher at the Hendrickson Method Institute for four years in Berkeley, CA.   In 2003, she became a certified Pilates’ trainer through the Pilates Integrated Teacher Training program spearheaded by Madeline Black. 

Sarah is passionate and dedicated to helping you heal and thrive.  She believes that the combination of active and passive therapies can optimize and balance your body’s biomechanical function, permitting you to lead a strong and dynamic life.  Her devotion to the healing arts, nutrition, yoga, movement and psychological and spiritual growth adds depth to her sessions.  In addition to completing over 1500 hours of bodywork training, Sarah has more than 15 years experience in clinical and private practice.  She has studied kinesiology with Jean-Claude West, and studied Chi Nei Tsang with Gilles Marin and Allison Post.  Sarah is currently studying energy work with Lynda Caesara.

In addition to formal bodywork training, Sarah has been dedicated to a path of spiritual growth and has been blessed by many wonderful teachers, including Hameed Ali, Karen Johnson, Brugh Joy, Gangaji, Sharon Berbower, Barbara Voinar and Krishna Das.  She has an ongoing meditation and yoga practice, and has been a participant in a Ridhwan group (Diamond Heart 6) for over seven years.  Sarah also loves hiking and biking, spending meditative time in nature.

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