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Benefits of Hendrickson Method™
Orthopedic Massage

Long term benefits of HM far outlast those of massage alone.  These benefits include pain reduction, decreased inflammation, increased range of motion and flexibility, strengthened muscle groups, release of chronic tension, promotion of healthy cell growth, fluid exchange and joint lubrication, clearing of toxins from injured tissue, normalization of joint function, reduced trigger points, and much more.

HM treats many conditions, including: 

  • Muscle sprains, such as ankle injuries;
  • Shoulder injuries, such as frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, and bursitis
  • Nerve entrapments, such as carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, and sciatica
  • Neck injuries, such as whiplash, “pinched nerves”, or thoracic outlet;
  • Spinal injuries including lower back pain, arthritis, and scoliosis;
  • Lower leg/foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis;  
  • Hand, wrist and finger pain and stiffness;

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