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Sarah is a transformative healer who happens to give fabulous massage. She performs a style called "Orthopedic Massage" which is a deeply releasing, deeply informed method, taught by a local chiropractic guru named Tom Hendrickson. I am a yoga teacher and happen to store most of my stress in my shoulders and hips. The tension melts under Sarah's touch. She also is a brilliant seeker who guides your particular journey while your muscles are worked. Sounds like multitasking, I know, but it works. From her experience in the Diamond Approach to her work as a Pilates teacher to supplement advice, Sarah will heal and re-energize you.

Sara G.
Oakland, CA


I was involved in a motorcycle accident, at freeways speeds. The impact, and aftermath, affected my mobility in a variety of ways. Sarah was of great help: attentive, insightful, and persevering with astute focus. She was gentle when necessary, and aggressive when useful. She has depth of experience, and what I think are termed “good hands”. She was central to the level of my recovery, and I recommend her highly.

Doug W.,
Oakland, CA

I am a 66-year old woman with osteo-arthritis.  Sarah Hammond has done therapeutic massage on me for about 15 years.  She has helped me through post-surgical recovery for three total joint replacements and now, with a weekly hour-long session, keeps me walking, working in my garden, traveling and enjoying life.

I'm convinced that without her strong yet sensitive body work I would not be nearly as mobile as I am and would be in constant pain.  As it is I take no pain killers and lead a very active life.

Margaret S.
Glen Ellen, CA

Sarah came highly recommended to me by my Osteopath and I can see why.

I’ve been to several masseuses in the area to help with some chronic back and neck issues.  Sarah is the first one I’ve worked with that’s been able to create lasting results.

Several times I could actually feel a tense area loosen up and release in just a few minutes."

She is clearly a seasoned professional that has an extremely good knowledge of the muscles as well as having an excellent sense for finding the source of the muscle tension and being able to work it out.

I’m very thankful that we have her as a resource in the Bay Area.

Jon L.
Oakland, CA

I have been dealing with a chronic lower back pain for many years, the kind that makes you feel as if you were a very old man even if you're still in your 40s...
I tried it all, seeing an orthopedic surgeon, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and different orthopedic massage therapists.
About a year ago I discovered Sarah.
And what a difference!
Sarah is able to find and address the source of the pain better than anyone ever can.
In short; Sarah is a very good orthopedic massage therapist, pleasant and very conscientious. My back has never been in better hands.

Giora S.,
Berkeley, CA


What can I say about Sarah?  She's simply the best.  I've had a few therapeutic massages in the past, but nothing that has helped me like Sarah's work.  She does an "orthopedic" massage where you lay on your side so she can work deeper, but she'll also do the more typical massage if the treatment warrants it.

I've been having pain in my shoulder and upper back pain for months from the type of work I've been doing for the past 30 years.  It got to the point where I couldn't work...saw 3 different doctors and a physical therapist.  After trying different meds, doing PT, acupuncture, cortisone injections and having x-rays & an MRI, nothing was working to get me out of pain. After 3 months of suffering, the physical medicine specialist diagnosed myo-fascial pain..the simplest solution was getting deep tissue massage.

I told Sarah what was going on with me and she honed in on the problem spots right away and relieved me of so much pain after that first appt.  She is skilled, knows her stuff, and gives a great therapeutic massage.   I like deep tissue massage, which she does, but is very concerned about causing any discomfort.  She has really worked out  many of the tight knots and muscles I've accumulated over the past years.  You can't go wrong with Sarah.  For me, she's better than any medicine that I took!

Valerie H.
El Cerrito, CA



Simply stated, Sarah has got magic hands.  Before seeing her I had never had an orthopedic massage and was subsequently a little wary.  The massage was fantastic and really got out some major kinks I had been dealing with for a while.  That being said, I am a big baby when it come to pressure and Sarah honed in on that right away and eased up (rather than digging deeper) when she felt added tightness.

Sarah is a natural healer and amazing massage therapist.  Her gentle nature put me right at ease, which I think is just as important as the massage itself.  If you are dealing with stiffness, joint pain, or just general body fatigue,  you should really check her out.

Jamie D.
Albany, CA

Obviously, there are a lot of massage therapists around. Most of the ones I found prior to Sarah gave massage that I'd characterize as "nice not thrilling." A minority were very intuitive and skilled and offered real enjoyment and relaxation. Then, there is Sarah Hammond. At last... a master. Sarah brings a depth of compassion and fierce strength through her hands into your body. The fruits of a professional lifetime as a massage practitioner, I experience her hands as somehow acting from an innate physical knowledge of my body and what it wants/needs in order to feel better. The relief from chronic nagging pain in the form of a deep relaxation lingers as if becoming reinstalled in my muscle tissue. This is different. Highest recommendation.

Noah Z.
Petaluma, CA

Sarah is wonderful. Talented, skilled, professional, and a very good listener. She has extensive training and knows the structure of the body very well, so is excellent with chronic pain and injuries. I highly recommend her!

Francesca C.
El Cerrito, CA

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